Our Events


General Body Meetings (GBM) are fun culture-themed events that are regularly held throughout the semester. Some examples of past GBMS include Traditional Arts Night, Hinamatsuri, and Folk Tale Night.

J – Chats

J-Chats are weekly meetings where people get a chance to practice with native speakers and other students. Groups are formed depending on beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels so no fluency or prior knowledge is required to participate.

J – Reps

While not an event, J-Reps are a group of JASA members who act as an intermediary between the general body and the eboard members. They sit in during eboard meetings and provide input in the planning process, and are given their own GBM to plan and implement. Some J-Rep GBMs in the past have been the Game Night GBM and Hinamatsuri GBM. For those interested in applying for an eboard position, J-Rep is a great way to gain experience and work with members in desired positions.