About Us

What We Do

We will have dozens of events and meetings throughout each semester, all of which will be focused on some aspect of Japanese culture/life or on community building.

Check out our signature annual event held during the spring, Taste of Japan, where we showcase various aspects of Japan alongside festivities, food, snacks, drinks, and more!

Our Mission

To unite and grow the Japanese/Japanese-American student community present within UMD. To increase awareness and understanding of Japanese culture and language. To serve, represent, and advocate for the Asian Pacific American community as a whole. We work to create an environment that we can build a community from, whether it be with Japanese/Japanese-American students, or those who are interested in some aspect of Japanese culture, language, or arts.

Most importantly, we hope to have fun as a community and welcome all to join us! To be involved, simply come to as many events as you like, typically advertised on our social media platforms.